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Instantly get  free Arkansas car insurance quotes and compare the cheapest prices. Affordable rates are available from the largest top-rated companies that can save you between $500 and $1,500 per year. Both high-risk and preferred policies are offered with low down-payments, same-day coverage, and easy online enrollment. Discounts for Seniors and new drivers help lower premiums. Minimum liability and full coverage prices are discounted. The average cost of policies in The Natural State is typically cheaper than most other states.

By finding the cheapest AR car insurance offers, you, the consumer, save time, research, and a lot of frustration. Our customized online quotes show you which carriers and policies best match your coverage and budget needs. Whether you have new or old vehicles, or you're leasing or buying, we handle all of the shopping so you pay much less. The average savings for each driver will vary, depending on type of vehicle, age, and the number of recent tickets and at-fault accidents. If your coverage has lapsed, we can help you reinstate your policy, or find the cheapest available option.


Auto Insurance Requirements And Regulations


Liability coverage is required on all registered vehicles. The current minimum requirements are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 of property damage. Higher limits are available with all companies. The next level of coverage is $50,000/$100,000/$50,000. Leased vehicles often require limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident, and $50,000 of property damage. Any applicant must also be offered three additional optional benefits. They are:

PIP -- Personal Injury Protection, which is optional,  allows you to recover lost wages, medical payments, and a death benefit, regardless if you or the other party was at fault. If you decline PIP, your signature is required. This benefit also provides coverage for passengers, along with other persons (even if they were riding a bicycle or motorcycle). However, it does not pay to fix vehicle physical damages.

Uninsured Motorist -- Since there are many drivers without coverage (approximately 15%-18% of all drivers), this benefit should always be selected. If the other uninsured person was at-fault and/or received a citation, you can recover damages up to your policy limits. Code 23-89-403(A) is the legislation requiring that this coverage must be offered. As the number of drivers without coverage decreases, the cost of uninsured motorist protection should also reduce.

Underinsured Motorist -- Many drivers also have coverage but it's not enough to pay for a judgment or ruling against them. UMBI and UMPD are the two components of this coverage. A $200 deductible applies. Often, drivers that secure only the minimum-required liability limits, cause more damage (bodily injury) than their policy covers. Unless you want to risk being unprotected, adding this benefit is recommended.

Optional Coverage includes collision (protection against physical damage), comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism, glass-breakage etc...) towing, and substitute transportation. Generally, if your vehicle is leased or financed, you are required to include collision, comprehensive, and perhaps higher liability limits (some leases). Also.

SR-22 Bonds may be required for high risk auto policies. After three years, generally, they are no longer needed. however, during that 36-month period, if you receive multiple violations, and/or involved in several at-fault accidents, obtaining a "preferred" rate will be difficult.

NOTE: The Department of Motor Vehicles administers registration, title and licensing issues.  The Driver Services Division handles insurance verification, safety responsibility, driving records, facial recognition, CDL assistance and several other tasks. They are located in Little Rock. Also, commercial vehicles and motorcycles must also meet the state minimum limits required for passenger vehicles. Also, companies that non-renew your policy must provide a 30-day advanced notice (in writing).


Cheap car Insurance Little Rock

Little Rock Features Very Affordable Car Insurance Rates


Where Are Arkansas Car Insurance Rates The Cheapest And Most Expensive?


Although prices frequently change, below, we have listed the least and most expensive counties in the state to insure an automobile.Our research is based on 2016 premium and claim information. Since there are multiple zip codes in each county, it is possible that prices may be different, despite identical vehicles and driver ages.

Of course, many underwriting guidelines and factors determine rates, such as age of vehicles and persons to be covered, available discounts, liability limits and deductibles, number of tickets and at-fault accidents, and make/model year of vehicles. Not having prior in-force coverage or a recent license suspension will also impact the price. We update data every six months.

Another factor that affects premiums is insurance fraud. Some of the most common schemes in the Natural State are export fraud, creation of phantom vehicles, staged accidents, and reported stolen vehicles that are never located. Each year, about $200 million is lost because of fraudulent activities. Naturally, areas that have the highest incidences of theft and crime, will typically have the highest auto insurance rates. Carriers that often provide the most competitive prices are Farmers, Safeco, Nationwide, USAA, Horace Mann, American National, State Farm, Hartford, United Home, and Cameron National.


Cheapest Counties:








Most Expensive Counties:










How Often Can Rates Change?


Typically, carriers can request premium changes every 6-12 months. However, after formally submitting the increase (or decrease), the Arkansas Department of Insurance determines whether to accept (partially or fully) or reject the request. If approved, the changes are usually effective within 120 days. Price changes for homeowners, renters, rental dwelling, dwelling, and mobile home policies are also published and made available for viewing and printing. The most recent rate increases were submitted by State Farm, Allstate, Trinity Universal, and American National Property And Casualty.

Listed below are the 10 most recent rate-change requests from Arkansas private passenger auto insurance companies:

Auto Owners -- 1.8% decrease

Star Casualty -- 10.6% increase

Geico Choice -- 1.3% increase

Geico Secure -- 1.4% increase

State Automobile Mutual -- 5% increase

State Auto Property & Casualty -- 1.5% decrease

California Casualty -- 5% increase

Geico General -- 2.2% increase

Sagamore -- 7.1% increase

United Automobile -- 3.8% increase


What Are Some Discounts I May Not Know About?


Find low auto insurance rates for college students

Students With Good Grades Receive Lower Car Insurance Rates


College Graduate -- Do smarter drivers make better drivers? Apparently so! If you graduated from an accredited university, you're entitled to this discount. Advanced degrees sometimes result in bigger discounts.

Student Away --  A relatively obscure discount, but a big potential savings if you qualify. If your college student attends school all  year and does not have a vehicle on campus, with select carriers, they are "non-rated." That means they are covered when they drive your vehicles, but there is little or no charge.

AAA -- The American Automobile Association (AAA) membership often results in a small discount. Although typically, it's only about 5%, every reduction helps. AARP members also occasionally qualify. Other retirement associations may qualify in the future.

Online Quote -- A few carriers reduce your premium when you are provided with a quote (always free) about 7-10 days before your policy is effective. We don't understand the rationale behind the discount, but it's available.

Job-Related Reduction -- A few carriers offer discounts based on your type of employment. If it isn't hazardous and does not involve driving, you may have a chance to get it. typically, a  complete list can be furnished.

Senior Defensive Driving --  There are many approved courses and programs that are offered. The nominal cost will be quickly covered by the savings in premium each year. The courses, however, are not required to be repeated so it's a very cost-effective way to lower premiums. You also may be able to have a moving violation removed or the number of points reduced. The AAA Defensive Driving course in Arkansas is a popular option.


Average Arkansas Car Insurance Rates


We have created multiple scenarios and compared prices from 12 selected carriers below. Rates are based on the most recent State filings (which often change). Figures shown are current estimates. Utilizing the "free quote" box at the top of the web page will provide more specific data. 2011 and 2010 vehicles were used. We can also provide results for new makes and models.


Situation 1 -- 45 year old residing in Little Rock. 2011 Toyota Camry with minimum liability limits:

$220 -- Farmers

$231 -- Safeco

$252 -- Geico Advantage

$256 -- USAA Casualty

$332 -- Automobile Club

$342 -- State Farm Mutual

$352 -- Auto Owners

$511 -- Viking Insurance

$534 -- Travelers

$585 -- Cincinnati

$963 -- The General

$972 -- Amica


Situation 2 -- 50 year old residing in Pine Bluff. 2011 Cadillac CTS  with minimum liability limits:

$172 -- Farmers

$235 -- Safeco

$249 -- Geico Advantage

$338 -- State Farm Mutual

$358 -- Nationwide Mutual

$360 -- Auto Owners

$378 -- Esurance Property & Casualty

$411 -- Sentry

$425 -- Progressive Direct

$615 -- Amica Mutual

$707 -- 21st Century

$743 -- The General


Situation 3 -- 40 year old residing in Fayetteville. 2010 Honda Odyssey with $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 limits:

$288 -- Geico

$325 -- Safeco

$368 -- American National

$374 -- Horace Mann

$390 -- American General

$395 -- Farmers

$470 -- USAA

$475 -- Nationwide

$540 -- Progressive

$560 -- Columbia Mutual

$561 -- Esurance

$622 -- State Farm Mutual


Situation 4 -- 18 year-old female residing in Lake Village. 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe with minimum liability limits:

$330 -- 1st Auto & Casualty

$358 -- Cornerstone National

$419 -- Horace Mann

$440 -- Sentry

$480 -- Cameron National

$503 -- IDS

$539 -- USAA

$583 -- Auto-Owners

$625 -- State Farm Mutual

$643 -- Farmers

$725 -- Hartford Casualty

$726 -- Nationwide


Additional Information

A "Steer Clear" alert was issued to warn drivers about potential wildlife collisions. The chances of hitting a deer (or a deer hitting you!) are the highest in November and December. A collision with an animal this large can cause major damage (including a total loss), along with possible injuries to occupants of the vehicle. Cows, bears, and  raccoons also tend to venture on or near roads late in the year.

The mating and rutting season, along with the migration of many animals creates hazards that are typically not present.  Often if you see one of these animals in the area or along the road, slow down. Others may be close by or about to cross the road. Also, if no other drivers are in the vicinity, utilize high beams to help spot these types of risks.

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