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Find the best auto insurance rates and the most affordable prices online. Our website shows you the cheapest car insurance premiums offered by the top-rated companies, and we share them with consumers. Easily view affordable fast quotes, special discounts, and expert and unbiased guidance. Utilizing our free quote box at the top of the page will instantly allow you to complete your comparison shopping and review the best offers from multiple carriers. State minimum, preferred, and high-risk coverage is available. Newer companies for 2023 often offer attractive pricing which is why we offer an instant Elephant insurance quote.

Commercial and small-business options are also offered, along with comparison of prices in all states. Bundle auto and home policies to earn the maximum discounts. Easily review prices for multiple makes and models to find the coverage you can afford. Combining auto coverage with a homeowners, renter's or condo policy will increase savings. The states with the cheapest car insurance are reviewed to help consumers find the best deals. By utilizing a comparison site like ours, you receive unbiased assistance 24/7. Purchasing coverage takes about 20 minutes and you can easily print your ID cards or save them to your phone. Most carriers provide a new declarations page immediately after purchasing a new vehicle.
We also make it easy to apply for these policies, so you can start saving money as quickly as possible. Next-day (and same-day) effective dates, low down-payments and license reinstatement are also available. Regardless if you are a young driver or Senior, preferred risk or high risk, or currently covered or uninsured, we can help you pay less. If you need special ride-sharing coverage for Uber, Lyft, or other companies, we can also provide the best options. Non-ownership policies are available with flexible benefit options.

A convenient mobile app also provides a quick comparison of property and casualty rates in all states. Employer and self-employed options are available along with "pay-by-mile" companies in several states. Operators that drive under 5,000 miles per year may want to consider alternative policies that only charge for usage. The savings is often quite substantial, and flexible billing methods are offered. Three popular companies that charge per mile are MetroMile, SmartMiles (Nationwide), Noblr (USAA), and MilesWise (Allstate).
What Is The Cheapest Insurance For A Car Or Truck?

The most affordable prices are offered by large and small carriers, and can vary, depending upon the type of vehicle you own and the level of coverage you need. Older vehicles that require only liability benefits are very inexpensive to cover. Financed and leased cars or trucks are the most expensive. Geico, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, and Progressive typically feature very attractive rates in most areas. However, prices can greatly vary, depending upon the state you reside, the number of moving violations on your driving record, and level of liability limits and deductibles you choose. Many trucks feature surprisingly low rates, including the Ford 150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Frontier, Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Tacoma.
Unless you have "accident forgiveness," an at-fault accident will likely increase your rate on the next policy renewal. If additional at-fault accidents and/or moving violations recently occurred, the price increase will be more substantial. Major violations (DUI, DWI, and fleeing the scene of an accident) could cause the carrier to place the vehicles in a high-risk tier. Although the change is typically temporary, the difference in premium is often hundreds of dollars per year. States that raise their premiums the least for high-risk drivers include Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Virginia, and Wisconsin. All states offer some type of high-risk pool for applicants that have difficulty obtaining coverage.

Which States Offer The Lowest Rates For Minimum Coverage?

Although prices can change several times throughout the year, shown below are the lowest annual premiums for drivers within the ages of 30-40. Of course, full coverage will increase the rate for all vehicles.

$272 -- Iowa

$329 -- South Dakota

$330 -- Wyoming

$343 -- Vermont

$350 -- Ohio

$370 -- Idaho

$400 -- North Dakota

$408 -- Montana

$414 -- Nebraska

$422 -- New Hampshire

$429 -- Indiana

$436 -- Maine

$451 -- New Mexico

$465 -- North Carolina

$472 -- Wisconsin


Through a combination of ultra-modern software, free rate comparison tools, 40 years of experience in the business of insuring automobiles, and understanding and monitoring underwriting guidelines, we know we can save consumers money. We study trends and information regarding different carriers, and why, how, and when they charge their best premiums. If any company files with the state and requests an increase above 7%, we let you know. If any carriers stop writing business in your state, usually, you know before most other policyholders. If new companies offer additional lines of business in your county, you can request to be notified. The driving history of applicants in the household has the largest impact on the cost of coverage.
We understand why a specific carrier has such a good deal and whether it will continue. Understanding the price history helps predict how long this "good deal" is going to stay. For example, an inconsistent pattern of price hikes and reductions doesn't help predict future premium trends. And of course, a low customer-satisfaction survey result will immediately result in further investigation of that carrier. The ideal choice for consumers offers the best rate, fast claims service, accident forgiveness, flexible billing, and many available discounts. Loyalty programs and at-fault accident forgiveness are also available from many carriers.

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We also understand that no two states are the same. Rates in California, New Jersey and Connecticut will always be higher than rates in Wyoming or Ohio. This will probably never change. Prices in Philadelphia and Detroit will probably always be higher than prices in Cincinnati, Charlotte, Nashville, and Indianapolis, because of the cost of auto repair and the makeup of drivers. And unless weather patterns and aggressive drivers change in Michigan, the Great Lakes State will continue to have slightly higher rates.

Many Michigan suburbs, such as Lake Orion and Bloomfield Hills, actually feature very attractive prices. The elimination of "no-fault" in Michigan has also helped reduce premiums. Loyalty rewards programs can help reduce the rates charged by many carriers. Generally, these types of programs begin to lower rates when a customer has been covered by the same carrier for five years. Additional reductions are typically applied to the premium at 10-year and 20-year anniversary dates. However, multiple at-fault accidents can impact eligibility. Note: Michigan's recent change from "no fault" to"fault" has helped reduced premiums.

But regardless of where you live, we monitor the major companies in your area so we can provide accurate information that helps you compare the best offers. We annually review and audit carriers to better understand how they operate and what their future pricing may be. This comprehensive analysis helps us show you the best offers for every vehicle you own, and all drivers in your household. Online calculators that can help determine the most cost-effective collision and comprehensive deductibles, are also provided without cost or obligation. Although keeping state minimum liability limits will lower your premium, higher limits will provide much better protection.
Educate Consumers About Car Insurance

It's also important to educate consumers regarding a wide range of topics including minimum required liability limits, best available discounts from specific companies, the impact of your credit score on the premium you pay, and the best and worst time to shop for new coverage. Of course, there are hundreds of different topics we will cover, and all are designed to help you find prices for your auto insurance or any other related-product. NOTE: Not all companies utilize credit when determining your premium. If your credit is poor, we will show you the carriers that will not consider your financial situation. Generally, a credit score above 700 may qualify for a price reduction.
Part of the education process is to keep current. We update all of our content on a regular basis. For instance, if Progressive or Esurance start to offer a new cost-saving feature for senior drivers, it will be reflected in the free online quotes that you view. If your 30th birthday is in a few weeks, and that lowers your premium (and with some carriers, it will!), you will see the difference. And of course, if an insurer is planning on raising their rates, you'll know about it since we monitor carrier rate change requests in all states.

Unless you properly compare rates, coverage, cancellation practices, AM Best/ Moodys ratings and underwriting guidelines of every large insurer, you will not have a complete snapshot of information needed to make an informed decision. But who has the time to handle those tasks...not just every few years, but every week? You don't, but we do! That's our job. We also review loss ratios and complaint ratios, which are provided by each state's DOI or Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Once you provide your zip code, we go to work. At that instant, we review prices, coverages and underwriting guidelines and match them with the information you furnished. But not just one or two carriers, but many more. Comparing the cost of 10 companies will yield bigger savings than just looking at a few. We highlight the two or three best options to simplify the comparison process. Personalized and customized vehicle quotes help you quickly determine if it's a good idea to change companies or remain with the same carrier.

We use several innovative tools that can quickly determine the most cost-effective liability limits and deductibles for your cars or trucks. By reviewing your driving record, vehicles on the policy, total number of miles driven, and average experience of all drivers, we can easily recommend specific carriers that offer the most competitive prices. Naturally, young drivers with multiple accident will pay the highest rates. Drivers that have reached age 30, and who have one or less violations in the last 3-5 years, will pay the lowest rates.

And that's because there are big differences in the offers you will receive. Although the lowest offers are the ones we want you to see, you can request to see prices from all companies that are licensed to issue policies in your state. A simple written request is all that is necessary. It's important to understand the minimum liability requirements in your state. If PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is required, medical payments won't be needed. Uninsured motorists may also be a required coverage to protect against drivers without compliant coverage..

Understand That Every Situation Is Different


Suppose you and your identical twin brother or sister live next to each other. Your driving record, credit report and claim history is identical. The only difference is the vehicle you own. You drive a 2023 Honda Accord. Your twin drives a 2023 Ford Mustang GT. It's highly possible that (this is just an example) Progressive will be the best option for yourself while an Allstate auto insurance policy offers more competitive pricing for your sibling. Or vice versa.

And sometimes,  the only difference with two identical situations is a moving violation a few years ago. That can completely change the dynamics of which company offers the least expensive rate. Thus, it is important to check your MVR report each year, to verify accuracy, and understand how your driving record impacts the carriers you may apply for coverage with.

Auto insurers have very different underwriting requirements and guidelines, so consumers often find the process confusing and unpredictable. That's what we excel at- comparing the best and cheapest prices for insuring your vehicles. Whether you have multiple violations, or have been ticket and accident-free for your entire life, the best auto insurance rates are just moments away.

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