Elephant Auto Insurance Quotes And Reviews

Elephant auto insurance rates are very cheap in many areas, and could potentially save drivers hundreds of dollars each year.  Known for affordable prices and personal customer service, this growing direct-to-consumer company is looking to expand in every state. You can view free quotes on our website and quickly compare their offer to the premiums you pay now. Typical savings is between 15%-40% on preferred and high-risk policies, and it takes less than seven minutes to view the most affordable policy options for your vehicles. Online quotes are instantly available 24/7. Homeowners coverage is offered through partner companies with a bundling discount often provided.

Founded in 2009, Elephant is a steadily-growing subsidiary of Admiral Group, one of the largest property and casualty insurers in England. Currently, they write business in eight states (Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and Illinois) although increased exposure in Western states, and eventually, the rest of the US is expected. Although they are a fairly new company (in business less than 20 years), they already have more than 6 million customers. Recently, they moved their national headquarters to a larger location in Richmond, Virginia, and announced they would be focusing on their US operations. It's possible that in the near future, selected independent brokers will be offering their products.

Of course, we provide the lowest Pa car insurance rates, and we're still waiting for them to enter the marketplace in the Keystone State and nearby states New York, West Virginia, and New Jersey. We suspect they'll be adding up to 10 additional states in the next 10 years. The Midwest and South are possible target areas for market share expansion. Their strong industry reputation and one-year policies are extremely popular among policyholders.

No Brokers

A major difference in their business plan is that brokers and agents are not utilized. Instead, websites like ours, and other resources offer online quotes and direct links that allow you to view their best offers in your area. Most of their business is handled online, so expenses are lower, and savings is passed on to consumers. They have been very proficient at dealing directly with the public, and have won numerous customer-service related awards. Since we are one of the premier comparison websites on the internet, we are proud to include them in our quoting software. Claims can be procced by telephone or through an online form.

However, if you prefer face-to face conversations, this company is not the best choice for you. It is also unlikely that you will be speaking to the same person each time you contact them for servicing, claims or billing issues. Relationship building will not occur. Our recently-conducted tests do verify that their customer-support staff is very well-trained and was able to offer accurate information and answers to the questions we posed. Adding and deleting vehicles is quick and easy, and terminating coverage takes less than two minutes. The app is widely available and provides very efficient customer-carrier communication.

Gap Protection

In addition to the standard coverage you expect on most policies (including mandatory bodily injury liability, property damage, medical payments, collision and comprehensive), also available is a "Gap" (Guaranteed Auto Protection) benefit, which is not offered by all companies. If you do not own your vehicle (it is financed) and as a result of an accident, theft or other covered claim, the value is now less than the amount you owe, gap coverage will help. Although used car prices have recently increased, you could still suffer a loss.

This is especially effective when you take out a longer loan (such as 60 or 72 months). You typically do not need this added benefit on loans shorter than 42 months. Since depreciation lowers the market value by 20%-30% the first 12-15 months, an accident early in your loan can cost quite a bit. By the first 36-42 months, it's possible depreciation has cost as much as 50%-60%, which has a tremendous impact on longer-term loans. As the vehicle approaches four years in age, this type of rider is no longer cost-effective. Occasionally, similar benefits can be purchased from a car dealership.

ID cards, declaration pages and roadside towing and assistance cards can be sent through the mail, printed or faxed. If you need a replacement ID, it will be promptly sent. A copy of the dec page and your ID card should be placed in your glove compartment, with a second set kept safely in your home. Of course, these are updated once or twice per year. In many states, not being able to present them at a routine traffic stop can result in a fine. Additional online tasks you can perform include viewing a copy of the actual policy and contract, speak to claims adjusters, and viewing the history of all premium payments that were made.


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Included are multiple discounts for Elephant Insurance Drivers , including a few that other carriers do not offer. The most popular discounts are responsible driver (see below), good student, community college student, pay in full,  multi-car, online quote and electronic signature.

Additional state-specific rate reductions will become available, when approved. Of course, there are many discounted zip codes, where you pay a substantially lower price compared to other areas of that state. For instance, there are many areas of Virginia where prices are more competitive than most major companies. Also, several large cities, including Richmond, have very competitive pricing. Charlottesville, Newport News, Hampton, and other moderately-large cities also offer attractively-priced policies.

One of the more unique discounts offered is a 12% reduction if an online quote is requested. By merely requesting and viewing the estimate, if you later decide to purchase a policy, the 12% savings will be added to the premium calculation. Naturally, you can not take advantage of this perk more than one time. There is also a time limit that must be met from when you request the free online quote.

A newer "work from home" discount has become available and is one of the most popular options. Due to the recent COVID pandemic, many working persons are conducting their business at home instead of driving to a physical work location. Since the number of miles driven has substantially reduced for many workers, a generous discount has become available. An additional paperless discount is also offered.

A "safe car" discount is provided when your vehicle is equipped with hands-free calling and other similar features. "Responsible driver" reductions are added for drivers that have had no at-fault accidents within a specific time period. Utilizing the electronic signature feature will lower premiums along with electing paperless billing.

A "responsible driver" discount reduces the cost of coverage by approximately 10% when there are no tickets or at-fault accidents within the last 60 months.

A "referral" discount is given when an existing customer refers a new customer to the insurer.

When you "bundle" different products with the same company, you are typically eligible for additional savings. Homeowner's, renters (personal property) or life policies will earn the "bundling" reduction. Life coverage is issued through other carriers. Typically, we recommend using a financial website for your term and permanent life policy purchases since you will have a wider selection of top-rated companies. And of course, healthcare, critical-illness, and long-term health coverage should also be purchased from a specialist.

Legal Assistance Rider

A "legal assistance" rider is offered for about $5 per month (also discussed later in article). Traffic charges that result in legal fees are one of the situations that is covered. Family law, estate planning, and several other items are also included. A "diminishing deductible" option is also available for vehicles with collision coverage. The rider must be added at the beginning of a new or renewal policy. $100 is deducted from your current collision deductible and an additional $100 (maximum $500) each year you drive without an accident. If an accident occurs, the deductible will stay the same, but begin to reduce again after 12 months of accident-free driving.

We can help you find the "sweet spot" of each company so you find the lowest prices quicker. Although we believe the future of this company is bright, they will not be the best solution in all situations. With so many other competitive carriers, it's always critical to review offers from several major companies in your area instead of just one. Also, Elephant will need to show continued profitability in other states, before it continues to expand.

You can also add an inexpensive rider that covers flat tire charges, use of a locksmith, jump starts and towing, and gas and fluid delivery in case of an emergency. This roadside assistance benefit can be added when a policy is purchased, and also at the renewal of the policy. It's the type of rider that's rarely used, but you'll be glad you have it if you run over a sharp object and a flat tire results.

Accident Forgiveness

After three consecutive years of driving without an accident, Elephant will waive the surcharges for the next at-fault accident. To qualify for the benefit, all household drivers must drive accident-free during the three-year time period. An accident that is waived will not result in a higher policy premium. However, if the "diminishing deductible" is in effect, it will be temporarily frozen. "Upgraded" accident forgiveness can also be purchased. The benefit begins on the initial policy effective date as the 36-month waiting period id eliminated. To qualify, no accidents are allowed for any driver in the last three years.

What About Claims?

The claims process starts with a call to a central location. Naturally, the call is toll-free and a live person will answer the call and quickly assess your situation. Typically, you can take your vehicle to a location close to you to get an estimate, or an adjuster can often inspect your vehicle and recommend a location to complete repairs. If you prefer to handle the claim online, that can  be accomplished. A local broker can also help you navigate through the process.

Also provided is the "Repair Assistance Program," which provides a guarantee of completed work as long as you own the repaired vehicle. If subsequent damage is found that is a direct result of the accident, it will be covered and fixed. There should not be any additional cost to you. Typically, you have to own the car to take advantage of this perk. For owners that keep their vehicles 10 years or longer, this is a great feature. It's also advantageous if a problem persists and you need to take the vehicle back to be repaired multiple times.

Usually, a substitute vehicle is involved, and the pickup point should be very close to you. The choice of cars depends on local availability. The entire claims process can often be completed within a few days. If the accident was the other person's fault, and they have existing coverage,  you'll be provided assistance and guidance so that you get a fair offer.

And don't forget that it is advisable to negotiate, if you don't like the offer from the other carrier. Nobody knows or understands the value and condition of your car or tuck better than yourself. A "Blue Book" is often a great starting point to determine the market value, but often you'll receive much more money by providing documentation of the vehicle's true value.

Glass and windshield repairs utilize an express service that can typically handle repairs and replacement very quickly. A trained specialist is available 24/7 to schedule an appointment and help determine if a windshield must be replaced or simply repaired. Repair expenses are not subject to the deductible. You may choose the location that completes the work or Elephant can recommend the company. A satisfaction guarantee is included with all completed work.

Do They Really Own An Elephant?

Yes they do! "Gypsy" was adopted 11 years ago and now resides at a California rescue sanctuary for animals. You can probably visit Gypsy at the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Consumers can also donate to two charities that the insurance company supports. They are Tusk and the Born Free Foundation.

Our website doesn't own any large animals, but we specialize in finding large savings for our customers on their auto insurance. Get your free quote today and enjoy lower rates. Shopping for our customers is what we do best.

Elephant Insurance News From The Past

Elephant has moved its corporate headquarters to accommodate more than 200 employees that are expected to be hired over the next few years. The new Richmond (Va) office is the home to about 350 workers, and provides more space, better parking, and a more centralized location. Allianz Global Assistance, the previous tenant, moved out of the building in December of 2014.

Motorcycle coverage is also now available. ATVs and other specialty vehicles (UTV) will be covered through a partnership arrangement with Dairyland, which is part of the Sentry Insurance Group. Passenger vehicle and motorcycles will be able to be packaged under a single policy, and the new line of business will be offered to existing and future customers. Get your Elephant auto insurance quote today!