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Compare auto insurance rates and reviews from the top-rated and most reliable companies. Our expert rankings and unbiased research save you time and money when searching for the lowest premiums. Although price, coverage, and customer-service are important considerations, many additional factors help determine which car insurance is the cheapest option for the vehicles you own. You can also view our consumer reporting on the best and worst carriers in several statistical categories.

Whether you are on a strict budget, need luxury vehicle coverage, or have too many speeding tickets to count, we show you several companies that offer affordable rates, and coverage that precisely matches your unique needs. Our free quote engine at the top of the page instantly shows you the best carrier options in your area. Regardless if you are uninsured, or have been with the same company for more than 20 years, lowering your premium may be just a click away. Both high-risk and preferred options are shown.

Below, in alphabetical order, we have reviewed and listed the top car insurance companies in the US. Most carriers offer additional ancillary lines of business, including coverage for primary residences, rental and investment property, motorcycles, snowmobiles, RVs, antique and classic vehicles, commercial risks, personal excess liability umbrellas, mobile homes, and motor homes. Many companies do not offer policies in all states, and have lower market shares than most companies. But often, these carriers offer very attractive pricing in selected areas.

AAA -- The American Automobile Association (better known as "AAA) was created in 1902 to help drivers with their highway needs. Currently, it consists of more than 40 Clubs that service their regional area. More than 50 million drivers are serviced, and surprisingly, their auto insurance rates are extremely competitive in many areas of the country. However, their portfolio of products is significantly less than many other carriers, although home, life, and specialty (motorcycle, RV, motor home, travel trailer, boat, trikes, snowmobiles, and ATVs) products are available. They are highly rated ("A" by A.M. Best Company) and have been offering benefits for more than 100 years.

Towing coverage is included on all of their policies, which includes glass replacement, and gas fill up. Additional roadside services include service for stalled engines and flat tires, battery replacement, and gasoline for empty gas tanks. A limit may apply to the number of roadside assistance calls. AAA contracts with independent service facilities near the area where the vehicle needs assistance. The three available plans are Classic (5 free towing miles), Plus (100 free towing miles), and Premier (200 free towing miles). Several of the insurance products are sold through the CSAA Insurance Group.

The cost of a Classic membership is approximately $45-$75 per year. The cost of a Plus membership is approximately $60-$120 per year. The cost of a Premier membership is approximately $80-$160 per year. Membership plans can be changed upon request, and additional family members can join the plan. Other perks and benefits may be offered by local offices.

Allstate -- One of the nation's largest property and casualty insurers with owner-operated offices in every state. Rates are typically competitive with most other carriers, and additional lines of business are available, including business, investment, and supplementary health coverage. Allstate was one of the first companies to create a wholly-owned subsidiary that specialized in high-risk drivers. "My Offers" is an additional perk that offers discounts to Angie's List, Pella, Budget, Avis, Capital One, LegalShield, and many other companies. A few innovations for customers include QuickTip (manages meetings and car-maintenance alerts), Goodhome (evaluates home risks), Drivewise (plug-in device that rewards good drivers) and Digital locker (creates home inventory of items).

Tools for young drivers are offered along with additional easy online management tools. A car payment calculator, retirement savings calculator, rent vs. home calculator, and extra mortgage payment calculator are also provided. Roadside service and experienced customer-service are standard. As they say, you're in "good hands" with Allstate. "Drivewise" reduces policy costs with customized driver feedback. By driving at safe speeds, limiting late night driving, and limiting hard breaking, up to 25% cash back is awarded every six months. Rewards are also offered for completing safe driver challenges. The app also provides helpful information on acceleration, driving behavior, and audible alerts.

Recently, Allstate purchased the insurance portfolio of National General Insurance Company. Several of the most popular plans are short-term health insurance contracts, which are available at any time throughout the year in most states. Temporary coverage provides an inexpensive medical insurance alternative to ACA Marketplace plans. However, pre-existing conditions are not covered and federal premium subsidies are not available.

American Family -- Available in 19 states, and expanding, "A" rated (A.M. Best Company) American Family offers traditional products along with business, health, farm and ranch, umbrella, and business products. Agents are typically captive like many other companies, so multiple quotes from competing carriers may not be offered. A popular app is MyAmFam, which provides roadside assistance, and helps with filing claims, printing ID cards, and submitting payments. Additional programs include certified repair for your vehicles and home, a teen safe driver program that improves driving habits of young drivers, a $30 discount for"Ring Video Doorbell" if your home, condo, or personal property is covered by American Family, and business accelerator, which helps small business owners achieve their goals.

Community initiatives are very common with local agents. DreamBank helps persons of all ages realize their dreams. Crafting mornings, entrepreneur workshops, learning labs, business tricks and hacks, virtual book clubs, and work style insight are all available to customers. Large charity events, including The American Family Insurance Golf Championship provide additional support to communities. Note: The 19 states of coverage are Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Business and landlord coverage are offered at very competitive rates.

Amica Mutual -- Amica is the nation's oldest mutual car insurance company. Founded in 1907, their home office is located in Rhode Island, and they currently have more than $5 billion in assets, and cover more than 1.6 million customers. Their current A.M. Best Company rating is A+. Service awards are often given to this carrier for their handling of both  auto and home policies and claims. The Life company offers direct life products, while the General Agency offers specialized products in California and Nevada. Structured Settlement and Wedding and Private Event coverage is also offered. Their multi-car (25%) and multi-policy (15%) discounts are larger than most other carriers. Also provided to customers is their "Car Connection," which helps consumers find the lowest price when shopping for their new or used vehicle.

Amica is also one of several carriers that offers pet insurance. Some of the included benefits include illness and diagnostic testing, chronic conditions and cancer, emergency treatment and surgery, dental issues, and prescription drugs. Pre-existing conditions are not covered, although your pet policy can not be canceled because of too many claims or the pet's age. An "accident only" policy is also offered for pets 15 years and older. A $50 deductible credit is available every year that there are no claim reimbursements. An optional preventative wellness awards policy is also offered.

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Auto-Owners -- Another Fortune 500 company that you may not be familiar with. Based in Michigan, they write more than $6 billion in premiums each year, and are a favorite of many Independent Agents. Currently, more than 2.7 million persons are covered across the US, and policies are offered in 26 states. This group actually  consists of five companies that specialize in property and casualty products, and a single carrier that offers life and health products. Classic, converted, and modified car policies are available, along with commercial, farm, and pet coverage. A.M. Best Company rates awards Auto-Owners with an "A++" rating, their highest available.

Additional companies under the Auto-Owners umbrella include Atlantic Casualty, Concord Group, Capital, Southern-Owners, and Property-Owners. Commercial products include a discount when an annual premium is paid. Non-owned and hired vehicles can be covered for rentals, leases, and borrowed cars and trucks.

Country Financial PC Group -- In 1925, several Illinois farmers began operations by selling fire and lightening insurance. Today, with the help of 5,000 employees, they have added car coverage along with many other products, including business, farms, annuities, life insurance, and 529 College Savings Plans. Most of their policies are issued by their four subsidiaries -- Country Mutual Insurance, Country Life Insurance, Country Management Company, and Country Trust Bank. Coverage is provided in the following 19 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin. Several unique discounts include 10% reductions for full-time teachers, and 5% reductions for EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

Several unique discounts are reductions for engaged couples, occupation reductions, and an advanced quote reduction. Additional coverage options include "The Keeper" (new car benefit), data breach coverage, LifeLock, American Home Shield, and special tenants benefits. Emergency road service is standard coverage and reimburses up to $100 of covered expenses. Up to $800 is provided for substitute transportation, lodging, and meals after a covered claim. Like most carriers, an umbrella rider is offered to extend personal liability coverage.

Erie -- Who? Erie Insurance Company in Pennsylvania. If you are not familiar with this carrier, it's not because you missed their advertising, since they rarely advertise!  However, the money they save helps reduce prices, since in many major Metropolitan areas, their rates are very low. Amazingly, they have writing policies since 1925, and operate in 12 states. Currently, more than 5 million policies are in-force. They also offer life and retirement products, and are one of only a few carriers that automatically includes coverage for your pet ($500). Other optional benefits include windshield repair, locksmith services, and personal item coverage. Several safe driving and vehicle safety discounts also help keep premiums low.

Erie also offers policies for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, classic and collector vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, mobile homes, and personal valuables. Business, restaurant, risk control, and worker's compensation coverage is also offered. Medicare Supplement coverage for Seniors is also available, and rates are very competitive in several states.

Esurance -- Part of the Allstate family, Esurance conducts its business online. Growth has been significant, as they are now offering coverage in 43 states with more than 5 million vehicles covered. Policies are also available in Canada. There are very few (17) physical offices to visit, and no administrative buildings that serve the public. Although the concept is different, in several areas of selected states, prices are quite attractive. Because of the Allstate affiliation, many additional products are offered, including coverage for your  home, condo, rental property,  boat, travel trailer, snowmobile, golf cart and ATV. However, if you prefer a person-to-person relationship with your agent, Esurance is not a good fit.

Uber and Lyft drivers often utilize the Esurance "ShareSmart" coverage. Gaps between the personal policy and the rideshare's company policy can be covered with this app. Typical gaps occur when on the way to pick up a passenger and transporting the passenger to their destination. Also, only one deductible is applicable. Currently, coverage is only available in three states, although the endorsement is eventually expected to be offered in additional states.

Farmers -- Since 1928, Farmers has provided personalized and community-based auto insurance in the US. Agents own and operate their own offices, and typically, the locations are embedded inside the community they serve. The company now is multi-line and consists of many operating companies. Included in their portfolio is Foremost, who provides specialty products, such as motor homes, mobile homes, and travel trailers, and Bristol West, who offers liability and physical damage. 21st Century is also a subsidiary that markets policies online. Several of the financial products offered are 529 college savings plans, variable universal life, term life, mutual funds, 401k and SEP plans, IRAs, and variable annuities.


Farmers Rideshare is similar to Esurance's "ShareSmart" coverage. The rider can be added to an existing policy when your personal vehicle is used commercially. Also available is "Signal," which is their app that rewards drivers with good driving habits. The app provides an instant 5% discount and up to 15% when the policy renews. Youthful driver rates can reduce by as much as 10% if good driving habits are maintained. An additional $100 in rewards each month is offered, subject to specific requirements.


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Geico (Berkshire Hathaway) -- Government Employees insurance Company. Yes, that's what "GEICO" stands for. Originally, government employees accounted for the bulk of their business. However, that trend has changed, and now, anyone can obtain coverage, assuming they meet the product guidelines. In addition to covering more than 20 million vehicles, Geico is owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and receives high ratings from A.M. Best Company, Moody's, and Standard And Poor's. Additional lines of business include homeowner's, motorcycle, RV, ATV, life insurance, overseas insurance, flood, pets, ridesharing, identity protection, overseas, worker's compensation, and commercial liability protection.

Geico's mobile app is one of the best and easiest to use in the industry. Consumers also like their rates, which are generally among the least expensive in many states. Additional Berkshire Hathaway companies include BH Media, Brooks, Business Wire, Dairy Queen, Duracell, Fruit Of The Loom, Johns Manville, Kraft Heinz, Lubrizol, Oriental Trading Company, Pampered Chef, and See's Candies.

Hanover Insurance Group -- Hanover is the holding company for several property and casualty carriers. Both private and commercial products are offered, along with Lloyd's of London through Chaucer. Several of Hanover's companies include AIX Specialty, Allmerica Financial Alliance, Allmerica Financial Benefit, Campmed Casualty and Indemnity, Chaucer Holdings, Citizens Insurance Company of the Midwest, Illinois, and Ohio, Nova Casualty, and Verlan Fire. Opus Investment Management is their financial services company. "Platinum Auto Essential" coverage for vehicles, provides the following benefits: deductible waiver, mechanical parts replacement, vehicle key replacement, excess custom and electronic equipment, $3,000 of rental and transportation expenses, OEM parts for current and two previous models years, and $300 towards the replacement of a child car seat damaged in a covered loss.

With more than $5 billion in annual revenue, Hanover is one of the largest least-known carriers. Currently, they are rated "A" by A.M. Best Company, Moodys, and Standard And Poors. Business coverage is offered to educational institutions, financial institutions, cultural institutions, and construction companies. Cyber, surety, general liability and worker's compensation policies are offered.

Hartford -- Hartford has been writing policies for more than 200 years. It began in 1810 with a small fire insurance company, and has grown into one of the industry's most respected multi-line carriers. They have been voted "one of the world's most ethical companies" eight of the last nine years, and  offer auto, home, business, employee business, annuities, and mutual funds to its customers. AARP customers may be eligible for special programs.

AARP auto insurance is underwritten by Hartford, and rates are guaranteed for 12 months, instead of the standard 6 months. Policies are guaranteed to be renewed for your lifetime, and  new-care replacement benefits eliminate depreciation for the first 15,000 miles (or 15 months) after purchase. Typically, customer-satisfaction rates very highly compared to their competition. Lifetime car repair assurance provides a valuable benefit as long as you own the vehicle. The "Advantage Plus" program offers first accident forgiveness, a vanishing deductible with good driving, $1000 deductible reduction, and waiver of deductible.

Hartford affiliate companies include Hartford Fire Insurance, Hartford Underwriters, Hartford Casualty, Sentinel Insurance, Trumbull Insurance, Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, Hartford Underwriters, and Southern County Mutual.

Infinity Property And Casualty -- No, not the luxury car manufacturer. Infinity, based in Alabama, wrote their first policy more than 50 years ago. prices are attractive in most of the areas they service, and major Rating Agencies (A.M. Best, Moody's, and Standard & Poor's) consider them an "A" risk. More than 12,000 Independent Agencies market their products and provide front-line service. A separate Drivers Club and life insurance products are also offered, and free roadside assistance is included with auto policies. Although personal lines of business are the primary product, commercial vehicle and classic collector policies are widely used by more than 10,000 agents and brokers in all 50 states.

"DriverClub" membership is available and provides 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance in any vehicle. Passengers are also included. Covered benefits are repairing and replacing the car battery, gas replenishment, flat tires, and locked out of your vehicle. Membership is free and services are paid when they are provided.

Kemper -- Kemper is an extremely diversified company that provides auto, home, health, life, and other insurance products through several carriers. Although independent agents and brokers sell their policies, direct online marketing is also very popular. Financial strength ratings are high with A-, A-, and A3 ratings from A.M. Best Company, Standard And Poors, and Moody's. The "Preferred" company works with individuals, families, and businesses that purchase products through independent agents. The "Direct" company offers policies by phone or online. Licensed employees provide quotes and complete the enrollment process.

Kemper underwrites preferred, standard, and non-standard policies. Non-standard policy discounts include multi-car, homeowner, prior coverage, paid-in-full, and text cancel alerts. Reconditioned vehicles can also be covered. Although compromised and salvaged vehicles must meet specific underwriting guidelines, policies can be issued at a reasonable price. About 7% of all vehicles on the road have been rebuilt.

Liberty Mutual -- As the second biggest property and casualty insurance carrier in the US, Liberty Mutual is still a mutual company, and therefore owned by its policyholders. The company substantially increased its market share with the acquisition of Safeco in 2008. The Liberty Mutual brand is further enhanced by its popular commercials, which rival Progressive and Geico for the top spot in the commercial sweepstakes. Several large subsidies include American Fire And Casualty, Golden Eagle Insurance, Indiana Insurance, Ohio Casualty, and West American. In addition to the standard property and casualty products, coverage is also offered for ATVs and off-road vehicles, flood, tuition, small businesses, life insurance, critical illness, and identity theft. A Home Gallery app helps customers assemble and organize personal belongings for their homeowner's insurance.

Liberty Mutual Investments (LMI) manages the assets of the main company. Personal and commercial lines are offered throughout the US through regional offices and a local network of brokers and agents. Mid to large-size specialty and commercial products are popular offerings. The companies offering coverage are Global Surety, National Insurance, Liberty Specialty, and North America Specialty.

MAPFRE -- Located in Webster, Massachusetts, most Americans have never heard of this carrier. MAPFRE is the largest non-commercial property and casualty company in Massachusetts, but they also offer coverage in 19 states, mainly through about 5,000 independent agents, as opposed to online. Some of their subsidiaries include Commerce Insurance, Citation Insurance, Commerce West Insurance, MAPFRE of New York, and MAPFRE of Florida. The 19 states of coverage are located mainly in the East, Mideast, and West.

Business is also offered in more than 100 countries, so international plans are available. As the 21st-largest property and casualty carrier, a wide range of auto and home products can be purchased. A Corporate Volunteer Program is active in many communities. Recent projects include Autism Walks, Boston Children's Hospital Eversource Walk and Yawkey Family Inn, Best Buddies Mentoring Day, and WPI Touch Tomorrow.

Mercury -- Mercury is a NYSE company that began offering coverage in 1962. They have their largest market share in California (4th largest private passenger auto writer), but also underwrite policies in Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona. Additional property coverage is offered in other states. They are also one of the few carriers that offers "mechanical breakdown" coverage. A popular free option is the "Drive Safe Agreement" between parents and their teenage children. Teens promise to obey all traffic laws, wear a safety belt, notify parents where they are going, limit distractions while driving, and several other items. Independent brokers offer Mercury policies, which also include home, condo, renters, umbrella, and business options.

Additional Mercury companies include Mercury Casualty, California Auto Insurance, Mercury Insurance Company of Illinois, Mercury Insurance Company of Georgia, Mercury National Insurance, American Mercury Insurance, Mercury County Mutual, Workman's Auto Insurance, American Mercury Lloyds, Mercury County Mutual, Mercury Insurance Company of Florida, and Mercury Indemnity Company. Note: Elephant insurance quotes are offered although they are not part of the Mercury Group.


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MetLife/Farmers -- The ex-Snoopy company is not just the nation's biggest life insurer.  For more than 40 years, Met has offered auto and home products in many areas of the country. Since the Farmers takeover, the portfolio is still strong. Their Group payroll book of business is very popular with large and small companies. Policies can be retained if the employee leaves their employer. Although the captive agent workforce has now been eliminated, policies can still be purchased through independent brokers. Boat, RV, and motorcycle coverage is also widely available. The parent company offers an extensive portfolio of investment, life, and disability products.

Auto prices are typically attractive, but home rates can be a bit pricey in many states. Metropolitan Direct is a subsidiary that is used in many states. In selected areas, they  offer the cheapest high risk car insurance rates. However, in most of the US, their prices are most competitive for preferred drivers. Retired Met employees also receive favorable pricing.

National General -- Formerly GMAC Insurance, National General is based in North Carolina and has been writing policies for more than 90 years. Motors Insurance, and Integon were the original companies that offered coverage to GMAC customers that financed their vehicles. In addition to the standard products, RV, ATV, replicas, antique and classic vehicles,  fire trucks, street rods, and commercial products are very competitively-priced offerings. "SmartDiscounts" and "SmartServices" provide customers with extra benefits, including guaranteed collision repairs at specified body shops. One of the most popular short-term health insurance plans is underwritten by National General Accident and Health, an affiliated company.

Nationwide -- Yes, they are on your side. Like Progressive, they are based in Ohio, and started in 1925 as the Ohio Farm Bureau Mutual Federation. A Fortune 500 Company, Nationwide specializes in personal auto and home coverage, and is the parent company of Victoria, Allied, and Titan. Like many captive companies, policies are typically purchased from local agents that represent only Nationwide and its affiliated companies. For that reason, shopping additional carriers is recommended, although typically, their rates are attractive. Online access allows customers to print all needed documents, and effectively manage their policies.

They have exited the healthcare market, but continue to offer many ancillary products, including identity theft, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, retirement funds, checking, savings, and money market accounts, IRAs, CDs, home equity lines of credit, and mortgages. For businesses, a wide array of products is also offered, including key person, medical stop loss, business checking and savings accounts, tax tips, cyber security, and workman's compensation.

NJM -- New Jersey Manufactures Insurance Company provides coverage directly to private individuals and businesses. Along with auto, home, and several other property and casualty lines, workers compensation and commercial coverage is provided. Although policies are only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the large volume of written business places NJM in the list of 30 largest carriers. A.M. Best Company has assigned an "A+" rating (Superior) for their financial strength.


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Progressive -- Flo and her company are based in Ohio, and have transformed  the one-time high-risk only carrier to one of the leading carriers in the US. They are credited with having the first drive-in claims office, and new innovations continue with their "Name Your Price" and "Snapshot" programs. Also, built-in discounts help to reduce rates for most drivers, unless there are major violations, such as a DUI or DWI. Although they originally started small by offering only policies in Ohio, they have rapidly become one of the biggest "players" in the industry.

State Farm -- Since 1922, State Farm has grown to become the largest US auto insurance company. 18,000 agents and brokers are available in offices throughout every state to offer individual and business coverage. Since SF agents are "captive," all of the products you view will be State Farm products, instead of a combination of many carriers. For that reason, we recommend additional shopping after receiving their quote. In addition to vehicle, property, and casualty coverage, life, banking, disability, and investment products are offered.

Travelers -- Incredibly, Travelers was founded more than 160 years ago. As the only property and casualty insurer in the Dow Jones Index, this innovative carrier was also the first company to offer space travel and hybrid car discounts. Unlike most other carriers, Travelers writes a substantial amount of commercial policies (second-most in the US) along with various bond and specialty products that serve specific markets. policies are available through our website and/or independent agents.

USAA -- 9 out of 10 members never change to another company, and it's easy to understand why. Rates are typically very competitive, claims are handled quickly and efficiently, and underwriting guidelines for current members are fairly liberal. Body shops also enjoy doing business with USAA customers. Renewals are guaranteed (some requirements are applicable) and policies are available in most areas. Of course, you must be a member of a Military family or their family to obtain a policy.