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Find the lowest car insurance rates in Virginia and save thousands of dollars. We research all companies in your area and show you the most affordable options. It doesn't matter if you are a preferred or high-risk driver, or whether you are currently covered. The average rate in Virginia is significantly less expensive than most other states for both full coverage (collision and comprehensive) and liability only.

Virginia Car Insurance Requirements (It's The Law!)

The minimum insurance requirement for purchasing a decal or license plate is $30,000 bodily injury per person, $60,000 bodily injury per two or more persons, and an additional $20,000 of property damage. Although higher limits are available and highly recommended, they are not a requirement. Policies effective  January 1, 2025 (or later) are required to have limits of $50,000 bodily injury per person, $100,000 bodily injury per two or more persons, and an additional $25,000 of property damage.

Limits of $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 are often the minimum allowed coverage for leased vehicles. Excess liability policies may require higher limits, depending on the carrier and type of umbrella contract. Financed vehicles typically don't require liability limits above the state minimum requirements.

A $500 UMV (uninsured motor vehicle) fee does not provide recognized and qualified insurance, although it allows you to drive an uncovered vehicle. Business vehicles may self-insure or obtain a surety bond. The DMV will electronically verify that registered Virginia vehicles are covered with liability insurance. The Virginia DOI enforces laws and regulations. The UMV coverage expires with the registration and should be renewed. A surety bond is also another viable option.

Carrying Proof Of Coverage

Proof of coverage should be permanently kept in the vehicle. If required liability coverage is no longer in-force on a vehicle that is driven, the license plates must be surrendered to the DMV or temporarily deactivated until all applicable fines have been paid and compliant coverage has become active. Driving and registration privileges will also be suspended. A $600 noncompliance fee must be paid, along with a reinstatement fee. An SR-22 Bond will also be required for three years.

Emissions inspection requirements must be met if a vehicle is  housed in Fairfax, Arlington, Stafford, Prince William, or Loudoun County. Also included are the cities of Manassas Park, Manassas, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Alexandria. The requirements also apply to vehicles in the cities of Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas, Manassas Park, and Alexandria.

An inspection is required every two years  from certified emissions inspection stations. RAPIDPASS roadside equipment can also be used. It typically takes less than one minute for the inspection when driving pass specific roadside equipment. Results from the inspection are available from the DMV within one day.

Note: Electric vehicles are charged an annual highway fee. The cost is included with the vehicle registration fee and is annually updated. If the registration is for more than 12 months, the annual highway fee will be proportionately adjusted.

Several exemptions are available including if your vehicle has a valid emissions certificate  within the last 12 months, and the vehicle is being registered in the state for the first time.  Additional exemptions include:


Diesel powered vehicles (1995 and older)

Qualified hybrid vehicles

Gasoline vehicles that are more than 25 years old

Vehicles powered by clean fuel (only)

Demonstrator or new vehicles titled for the first time

Current used new vehicles and previous three model years.


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Impact Of Moving Violations On Your Driving Record

If you are convicted of a traffic violation, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is notified, and the conviction is posted. If requested, your insurance carrier will be notified, and the price you pay for coverage may be impacted.

Each company will determine the impact that violations and accidents have on the premium you pay. For example, Elephant car insurance rates may increase less than State Farm or Allstate while Nationwide may raise prices more than Erie.

Driver Improvement Clinic

If needed, successful completion of a driver improvement clinic will be required. Online completion is an option, regardless of age or location. DMV-licensed and approved facilities must offer the final exam and course. The final exam must be completed in person if the course is taken in person. Defensive driving techniques and other safety information designed to reduce the chance of an accident is typically taught. Eight-hour sessions are taught in several locations throughout the state. Safe driving points may be awarded if the court receives the appropriate documentation.

Demerit points (see below) may also be assigned. Major violations may result in a license suspension and the requirement of an additional bond. When a driver receives a moving violation, "demerit points" are assigned. More serious violations will remain on the BMV report longer. Listed below are common violations with their associated demerit points.

Three Point Violations

Speeding 1-9 mph over posted speed limit

Driving too slow

Improper passing

Improper driving

Improper stopping on highway

Driving through safety zone

Driving over a fire hose

Driving on a sidewalk

Improper turn

Improper U-turn

Failure to obey highway sign

Driving without lights

Failure to dim headlights

No driver's license

No license plate

Learner's permit violation

Emergency vehicle violation

Driving while using earphones


Four Point Violations

Reckless driving

Speeding (10-19 mph over posted speed limit)

Passing when unsafe

Passing to the left of approaching vehicle

Failure to stop for a pedestrian

Failure to yield right-of-way

Failure to yield when turning left

Failure to drive on right half of street or highway

Following too closely

Improper signal

Failure to obey railroad crossing signal

Failure to stop at the scene of a crash

Failure to stop at railroad crossing

Passing a stopped school bus

Aggressive driving

Emergency vehicle violation

Improper stopping, backing, or turning

Driving the wrong way

Disregarding police officer's signal to stop


Six Point Violations

Speeding in excess of 80 mph

Speeding 20 mph above speed limit


Passing a school bus

Passing at a railroad crossing

Driving too fast for conditions

Driving with an obstructed view

Driving while intoxicated

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Refusing a blood or breath test

Involuntary manslaughter

Driving while your license is revoked for DWI


Involuntary manslaughter

Involuntary aggravated manslaughter

Driving after being declared a habitual offender

Driving while license is suspended

Speeding 20 mph or more above speed limit

Injuring person while racing

Failure to stop at scene of crash

Emergency vehicle violation

Blocking access to service facility

Attempting to elude police


40 Largest Car Insurance Companies In Virginia (Market Share)

14.19% -- State Farm

5.86% -- USAA

5.53% -- Allstate Property And Casualty

5.49% -- Geico Advantage

5.03% -- Progressive Advanced

4.20% -- USAA Casualty

4.16% -- Progressive Gulf

3.92% -- Nationwide Property And Casualty

3.78% -- Erie

3.14% -- Geico Choice

3.02% -- Geico General

2.54% -- Allstate Insurance

2.39% -- Nationwide Mutual

2.23% -- Geico

2.19% -- Geico Indemnity

2.05% -- USAA General Indemnity

1.77% -- State Farm Fire And Casualty

1.60% -- Travelers Personal Security

1.55% -- Geico Secure

1.44% -- Montgomery Mutual

1.40% -- Integon General

1.36% -- Elephant Insurance

1.31% -- Geico Casualty

1.17% -- Garrison Property And Casualty

0.97% -- Virginia Farm Bureau Town And Country

0.70% -- Virginia Farm Bureau Fire And Casualty

0.63% -- Agency Insurance

0.57% -- Esurance

0.57% -- Allstate Fire And Casualty

0.49% -- General Insurance

0.49% -- Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual

0.47% -- Nationwide General

0.47% -- Metropolitan Direct

0.47% -- Trumbull Insurance

0.47% -- Progressive Direct

0.45% -- Trexis Insurance

0.43% -- General Automobile

0.41% -- Donegal Mutual

0.40% -- Integon Casualty

0.37% -- Travelers Home And Marine


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Which Cities In Virginia Have The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates?

Although rural cities often offer the lowest auto insurance prices, surprisingly, several larger cities also offer very competitive premiums. Many carriers charge identical rates for entire counties, so many cities and small towns will have similar costs.

Changes can also occur frequently, so areas with extremely low rates may later experience moderate increases.  Listed below are selected Va cities and the average monthly rate (updated for 2021):

$61 -- Blacksburg

$61 -- Radford

$62 -- Winchester

$62 -- Christiansburg

$63 -- Buena Vista

$63 -- Roanoke

$64 -- Salem

$64 -- Harrisonburg

$66 -- Bristol

$66 -- Bluefield

$67 -- Bedford

$70 -- Leesburg

$70 -- Lynchburg

$72 -- Chesapeake

$72 -- Virginia Beach

$72 -- Williamsburg

$73 -- Norfolk

$74 -- Fairfax

$74 -- Hopewell

$74 -- Hampton

$75 -- Ashland

$75 -- Falls Church

$75 -- Charlottesville

$75 -- Danville

$76 -- Newport News

$78 -- Culpeper

$78  -- Richmond

$78 -- Portsmouth

$79 -- Suffolk

$81 -- Alexandria


Sample Virginia Car Insurance Rates (Monthly)

Prices are provided by the Va State Corporation Commission, and are based on a 2018 vehicle with an approximate cost (new) of $25,000. BI/PD limits are $25,000/$50,000/$25,000 with $2,000 medical expenses benefit. Uninsured and underinsured limits are also $25,000/$50,000. The collision and comprehensive deductibles are $250 and $100.

Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Alexandria

$74 -- State Farm

$95 -- Geico Casualty

$98 -- Erie

$126 -- USAA

$130 -- Nationwide

$141 -- USAA Casualty

$145 -- Progressive


Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Virginia Beach

$80 -- State Farm

$98 -- Erie

$105 -- Geico Casualty

$119 -- Nationwide

$127 -- USAA

$128 -- Geico General

$131 -- Progressive


Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Roanoke

$65 -- State Farm

$89 -- Erie

$95 -- Geico Casualty

$104 -- USAA

$104 -- Nationwide

$115 -- USAA Casualty

$126 -- Geico Advantage


Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Richmond

$71 -- State Farm

$100 -- Erie

$101 -- Geico Casualty

$117 -- USAA

$123 -- Geico General

$128 -- USAA Casualty

$129 -- Nationwide


Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Norfolk

$88 -- State Farm

$98 -- Erie

$118 -- Geico Casualty

$121 -- Nationwide

$143 -- Geico General

$146 -- USAA

$152 -- Garrison Property And Casualty


Married Adult Age 45 Residing In Charlotte

$78 -- State Farm

$110 -- Erie

$120 -- Geico Casualty

$124 -- Nationwide

$125 -- USAA

$151 -- Geico

$248 -- Travelers


Unmarried Female Age 20 Residing In Roanoke

$124 -- State Farm

$167 -- USAA

$180 -- Erie

$186 -- USAA Casualty

$192 -- Nationwide

$201 -- Geico Casualty

$209 -- Geico Choice


Unmarried Female Age 20 Residing In Richmond

$105 -- State Farm

$187 -- USAA

$204 -- Erie

$207 -- USAA Casualty

$218 -- Geico Casualty

$241 -- Nationwide

$248 -- Geico Choice


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Virginia Vehicle Registration

Before an operator drives a vehicle, the car or truck must be titles and registered at an approved office. Leased vehicles may require additional documentation from the dealership or leasing company.  An annual safety inspection must also be passed with the proper sticker displayed. Failure to comply can result in a violation that appears on your driving record.

Counties and cities that require an emissions inspection include Manassas Park, Manassas, Price William, Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church. Upon completion of the inspection, the results are immediately updated. A "For-Hire Vehicles Registration Request" may be required if the vehicle is leased to a company or person that does not have intrastate operating authority.

Registration Renewals

Registration renewals are sent in the mail from the Department Of Motor Services.  Online registration is also available.  A $10 fee is assessed if your payment is made after the deadline. Renewals can can be processed online with a $1 discount, through the mail ($5 savings), by visiting DMV Select offices ($5 savings), or at a customer service center (pay $5 extra).

A registration renewal can be considered unacceptable if you owe past-due property taxes, parking tickets or toll violations. Once payments have been received, a decal can be issued.

Electric vehicles are charged a $64 annual tax. It is included in the standard fees and is paid at the time you register and renew. Unfortunately, there is no refund if you sell the vehicle. Farm vehicles are not required to be registered. "F-tags" are issued, or the license may indicate the vehicle is for "farm use."

A "Clean Special Fuel Plate" is available if the car or truck is exclusively powered by clean special fuel. An extra annual fee of $25 is charged. Federal guidelines determine which vehicles qualify. A specific list is available online. Although an HOV lane use exemption is available, special guidelines apply to these highways: 64 Express Lanes, 395 Express Lanes, 95 Express Lanes, 495 Express Lanes, and 66 Express Lanes.

A farm is defined as an area used to produce, harvest, or grow agricultural products.  Examples of agricultural products include: Poultry, livestock, bee products, dairy products, Christmas trees, cultivated plans and crops, horticultural plants, and nursery plants.

Note: Recently, a bill was passed that allows undocumented immigrants in the state to receive driver privilege cards from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The start date was approved for 2021. Previously, an administrative change was approved that no longer requires a resident to retake their driving license and road skills test if the driver's license was revoked because of a non motor vehicle-related drug violation.

E-ZPass At The DMV

E-ZPass  "On-The-Go" kits are available in many locations and cost only $35. The transponder is pre-loaded with $15 of prepaid funds. Registration is online and out-of-state access is possible. Vehicle and license plate details, and payment information are required for registration. The types of available transponders are E-ZPass Flex and E-ZPass Standard.

The six customer service centers are located at Woodbridge, Richmond, Newport News, Gloucester, Fairfax, and Chesterfield. Available services include transponder replacement and return, closing accounts, processing violations, setting up accounts, and managing accounts. Transponders can be returned in person or via mail.


Your Virginia Personal Automobile Insurance Rights

State law mandates that if an insurance company refuses to approve a policy application, you will be informed why a policy was not issued.  If an underwriting error was made, you may be approved.  Companies are not permitted to deny coverage because you were previously covered under an assigned risk program,  you have been previously denied, and because of sex, age, creed, religion, origin, marital status, sexual preference, ancestry, or occupation.

If the policy has been active for 60 days, the policy can only be canceled by the carrier if you fail to pay the premium, you move to another state (with your vehicle),  your driver's licenses is suspended, or an operator of the vehicle that resides in the household has their lice suspended. An insurer must provide 45 days written advance notice before terminating a policy. The reason must also be disclosed.

A Virginia insurer can not cancel your automobile policy for any of the reasons listed below:

Two or fewer accidents within the last 36 months

One or more comprehensive claims

Non at-fault claim with  medical expenses

Residence, race, color, creed,  age, sex, marital status, national origin, or occupation

lack of driving experience

One or more at-fault accidents that occurred 48 months before anniversary date

No supporting ancillary business


Virginia DMV Fees

Replacement Decal -- $1

Replacement Registration Card -- $2

Replacement Registration Transfer Fee -- $2

Motorcycle Class -- $2

Photo ID -- $2

Re-examination Fee -- $2

Motorcycle Learner's Permit -- $3

Learner's Permit -- $3

Trip Permit -- $5

Commercial Driver's License -- $8

Police Crash Report -- $8

Travel Emergency Photo Verification -- $9

Late Fee -- $10

Real ID -- $10

Photo ID -- $10

License Extension -- $10

License Plate Reactivation -- $10

90-Day Temporary License -- $10

Original Title -- $15

Substitute Title -- $15

Replacement  Title -- $15

Supplemental Lien Title -- $15

Trailer Registration (0-1,500 pounds) -- $18

Replacement License -- $20

Moped Registration  -- $20.25

Autocycle Registration  -- $25.75

Trailer Registration (1,501-4,000 pounds) -- $28.50

Motorcycle Registration  -- $28.75

Driver's License -- $32

Trailer Registration (4,001 pounds or more) -- $40

Low-speed Vehicle Registration  -- $40.75

Passenger Vehicle Registration (4,000 pounds or less) -- $40.75

Passenger Vehicle Registration (4,001-6,500 pounds) -- $45.75

Pick-up Truck Registration (4,001-6,500 pounds) -- $45.75

Antique Vehicle Registration  -- $50

CDL Skills Test Missed Appointment -- $50

Pick-up Truck Vehicle Registration (6,501-10,000 pounds) -- $51.75

Electric Vehicle Registration  -- $64


Virginia Drivers License Information


Virginia License Plates

Plates can be purchased online with appropriate title and registration information. More than 200 specialized plate options are offered, along with the standard license plates. If your liability insurance coverage has been canceled, the plate may be retained  if the registration and plate are deactivated.

If you want to permanently and voluntarily surrender your plates, you may take them to a local customer service center. A portion of the registration fees may be refunded. Alternatively, the DMV has an "Online Plate Surrender" link, although registration fees will not be refunded. Plates cal also be deactivated, transferred, or replaced.

Personalized plates have become quite popular. Any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters space, ampersand, and dash may be used.  The design of the license plate will determine how many characters can be used. Spaces are allowed between characters, and character combinations can not be duplicated, so no two plates are identical.

License Plate Categories:

Amateur Radio




Eyes On The Road

Farm Vehicle

Great Seal

Great Seal For Hire

Great Seal Motorcycle

Heritage -- State Bird Motorcycle

Low Speed Standard Plate

Military Surplus Vehicle



Non Apportioned Bus

Nonemergency Medical Transport For Hire

Passenger For Hire

Passenger Standard Issue


Scenic Autumn

Scenic For Hire

Scenic Motorcycle

Scenic Mountain To Seashore

Scenic Patriot

Taxi For Hire

Taxi Permanent For Hire

Tow Truck For Hire Permanent

Tow Truck For Hire

Tractor Private Or For Hire


Trailer Permanent

Trailer Rental


Truck Permanent


Virginia Homeowner's Insurance

Coverage is available from many carriers at affordable rates. Most insurers provide a "multi-policy" discount if they also cover your vehicles. The discount is typically 10%-20%. Retired, alarm system, new roof, and no claim discounts are also offered.

If your application for coverage is declined, or a company does not renew your existing policy, you must be informed the reasons the underwriting decision was made. Coverage may not be denied solely for age, sex, race, creed, color, ancestry, origin, occupation, or marital status. Additionally, the age of your home, a prior cancellation, and using the Virginia Property  Insurance Association can not be reasons for a carrier to deny a policy.

Generally, your policy can not be canceled for the first 90 days it was effective. However, after 90 days, an owner-occupied policy can be terminated for several reasons, including property changes that result in the property becoming uninsurable, not paying the policy premium, material misrepresentation or fraud, and conviction of a crime related to increasing hazards to the property.

Cities with the most competitive homeowner's insurance rates include Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Leesburg, Oakton, Springfield,  and Waynesboro.


Market Share Of Homeowner's Insurers In Virginia (Top 20)

17.50% -- State Farm

9.79% -- USAA

5.30% -- Travelers

5.13% -- USAA Casualty

3.08% -- Erie Insurance

2.61% -- Allstate Vehicle And Property

2.50% -- Erie Insurance Exchange

2.45% -- Nationwide General

2.29% -- Nationwide Mutual

2.19% -- Allstate Insurance

2.04% -- Allstate Indemnity

2.01% -- Nationwide Property And Casualty

2.00% -- Liberty

1.81% -- USAA General Indemnity

1.81% -- Homesite

1.64% -- Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual

1.49% -- Northern Neck

1.47% -- Loudoun Mutual

1.44% -- Allstate Property And Casualty

1.24% -- Standard Fire


Virginia Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance coverage is required throughout the entire state. The minimum liability requirements are identical to vehicle requirements ($20,000/$50,000/$20,000). Title and registration are also mandatory, and proof of insurance coverage is needed to obtain decals and license plates. A $500 uninsured fee will be assessed if required coverage is not in-force.

A protective helmet is also required to be worn when driving a motorcycle. The helmet must comply with state and federal guidelines. Protective eye gear (goggles or glasses) and a protective safety windshield is required. Sharing lanes with other vehicles is not permitted, and passengers must have their own seat. However, two motorcycles may ride side-by-side in the same lane.